November 18, 2010

I'm pleased to announce that I have launched an etsy site to make it easier to select proper shipping on all items, and make it easier to add new products! To check it out go here: Earth's Herbal Teas and more on Etsy and Lilith Moon Sex on Etsy. Most items seen here are available there, but if you see something here that isn't available on Etsy, please contact me!

December 13, 2007

Update time! I've put my hot chocolates up on the Tea page, scroll to the bottom to find them and place your order today! I've also added Skin Salves, Aromatherapy Mists, Tattoo Care and Trance Tonic, so head on over to the Apothecaries page!

December 12, 2007

What a wonderful year! I've been busy creating many new products, which I'll be adding here in the next week or so. Expect to see more teas, our full apothecary and tattoo after care line, plus seasonal treats like herbal Hot Chocolates. If you are interested in ordering my hot chocolates as Christmas gifts (choose from Mexican Spice, Turkish Delight, Chocolate Orange or Marvelous Chocolate Mint), email me right away so I can get it ready for you!

January 25, 2006

Teas have been added, go take a look! Also, make sure to get your Valentines Day Order in soon!

January 17, 2006

Earth's Herbal / Lilith Moon is having a special SEXY VALENTINES DAY SALE ! All Stroke It, Super Stroke It, Cum Cloths and Nipple Gels are buy three and get one more for FREE ! WOW! This offer is only until Feb 14th so order NOW NOW NOW. Show someone you love them... or just love yourself ! TO ORDER for the SALE go to My SEX page, click on the 3 items you want to buy then I will add your extra item to your order FREE OF CHARGE.

Cum Clothes are new ! My friend Tracy invented them and thought that I should sell them with the Stroke It .... she is brilliant. Now you can buy a nice soft hanky for convient clean up. Made in both his or hers patterns. Ohooo la la!
Other NEWS, Hank and Lily are offering Singing Telegrams again this year! It was such a big ROMANTIC smash hit last year that they are doing it again, so go look at our website for more info or email ME, Lily, here at for prices and a description of the package.
Many THANKS to Bettina for helping me make this beautiful website.
More pages coming very very soon so check back !

January 16, 2006

The exciting world of Earth's Herbal Products will be coming to your home via this new-fangled caravan circuit in the next week or so. Mark it on the calendar and tell all your friends! This is not to be missed. Contact us at in the meantime!